As the weather continues to improve in Kentucky, more and more motorcycle riders will take their bikes out of storage and head out for trips across the state. If you are a Kentucky motorcycle enthusiast, it is important that you not only wear protective gear, but also that you follow safe practices to prevent being involved in an accident. Today, we will outline some important safety tips for motorcycle riding in Kentucky so that you can stay safe this spring, summer, and fall season.

The Pre-Ride Motorcycle Check

It is always a good idea to conduct a pre-ride check of your motorcycle prior to every single ride. This is especially important before you head out on the first ride of the new season after the bike has been sitting idle in the garage or storage unit for the winter. Check the tire pressure, the gauges, the fluids, the lights, the brakes and all the other important parts of the motorcycle. Use this time to refill the gas tank and any other fluids that should be topped off before riding.

Wear Reflective Gear or Bright Clothing

Be sure to wear reflective gear when you go for a motorcycle ride. The reflective gear can be reflective striping applied to your helmet, your jacket, or the side of the bike. You can also wear a reflective vest on top of your clothing. If you do not have reflective gear, you should wear bright clothing that other drivers will be able to see.

Wear a Helmet

The law for motorcycle helmet use in Kentucky is as follows:

  • Riders under the age of 21 must wear a helmet
  • Riders who have a motorcycle instruction permit must wear a helmet
  • Riders who have had their operator’s license for less than one year must wear a helmet

Even though you might not fall into any of these categories, it is smart to wear a helmet at all times when riding your motorcycle. Wearing a helmet will protect you should you be thrown from your bike during an accident.

Make Yourself Visible at All Times

Do your best to make yourself visible at all times to the other motorists on the roads around you in Kentucky. Some tips for making yourself visible include the following:

  • Make eye contact with other drivers
  • Use your headlight during the day and night
  • Wear bright colored clothing
  • Ensure all lights on the bike are working
  • Position your bike in front of a vehicle stopped at a traffic light
  • Stay out of all blind spots
  • Utilize reflective tape
  • Tap your brakes often when followed by another vehicle
  • Do not be afraid to use your horn

Contact an Attorney Today

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