Personal Injury Attorney in Versailles KY

Why should you hire a personal injury lawyer? The first reason is that hiring a personal injury lawyer is low-risk and high-reward. Most, if not all, Versailles personal injury lawyers have a contingent fee which means that unless you recover, your attorney does not get paid. That does two things: 1) shields you from having to pay for case expenses and legal representation out of your own pocket; and 2) motivates your attorney to get you as much as possible because your attorney’s fee is a percentage of what they get for you. The second reason is that the opposition, whether it be an insurance adjuster or defense attorney, defends cases and tries to pay claimants as little as possible for a living. It is their job. They have handled hundreds of cases. You need someone who has handled hundreds of cases on your side.

Versailles Car Wreck Lawyer

According to Kentucky Highway Safety Reports, there are over 800 car accidents in Woodford County and Versailles each year. Among those are included bicycle accidents as the area is home to many popular cycling routes. With the many attractions and scenic drives, it is easy to become a distracted driver, but when you visit Versailles, please drive carefully and be on the look out for cyclists.

If you have been involved in a car wreck in Versailles, you need to be aware of your options. First, all car insurance policies in Kentucky have a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This can be used to pay for medical bills and lost wages and you have the right to direct payments to specific medical providers or to yourself for lost income. Second, you have a right to recover the cost of medical treatment, lost wages, future medical treatment, and an amount for past and future pain and suffering against the person who caused the car accident, or their insurer. To ensure that you protect your rights and maximize your recovery, please hire a local personal injury attorney with experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and car wreck cases. There are many pitfalls in a legal case and your recovery is too important to try on your own.

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Every business owes a duty to its customers to keep the property free of dangerous conditions or to warn of existing dangerous conditions. Warnings come in various ways such as wet floor signs, painted curbs, well-lit parking lots, etc. If a business allows a dangerous condition to exist and does not warn of its existence and a customer is injured when he or she encounters to condition, the business is liable to the owner for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Sometimes, even if a condition is obvious to the customer, it may be a violation of city ordinances or such a danger that the obviousness of the condition does not excuse the business from liability.

Roberts Law Office recently represented a client injured in a slip and fall accident on a business premises in Versailles. The business allowed a dangerous condition to exist on its property and the client tripped and fell while trying to navigate around the dangerous condition, causing the client to sustain multiple injuries including a fractured arm. Roberts Law Office was able to help the client recover a substantial settlement and as a result, the business removed the dangerous condition.

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