Versailles, Kentucky

Versailles is located in Woodford County, Kentucky, which is known for its horses, bourbon, and restaurants. One of the most beautiful bourbon distilleries in the world is the Woodford Reserve Distillery. If you haven’t already, take the time to go on a tour. Another distillery which has been recently renovated and is worth checking out is the Castle & Key Distillery, formerly known as the Old Taylor distillery. Near Versailles is the town of Midway, which is home to several great restaurants. Attorney Tyler Roberts and his wife enjoy dining at Holly Hill Inn, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and is the flagship restaurant of renown chef, Oita Michel. If you’re in town for the horses, take a drive down Old Frankfort Pike and the adjacent roads. You will see many beautiful, historic, horse farms such as Three Chimneys Farm, Winstar Farm, and more.

Versailles Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

According to Kentucky Highway Safety Reports, there are over 800 car accidents in Woodford County and Versailles each year. Among those are included bicycle accidents as the area is home to many popular cycling routes. With the many attractions and scenic drives, it is easy to become a distracted driver, but when you visit Versailles, please drive carefully and be on the look out for cyclists.

Roberts Law Office recently represented a client injured in a slip and fall on a business premises in Versailles. The business allowed a dangerous condition to exist on its property and the client tripped and fell while trying to navigate around the dangerous condition, causing the client to sustain multiple injuries which included a fractured arm. Roberts Law Office was able to help the client recover an amount well into the five-figures and as a result, the business removed the dangerous condition.

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