Shelbyville, Kentucky

Attorney Tyler Roberts was born and raised in Shelby County. His family lived on a small tobacco farm near Chestnut Grove and then later moved to a small farm in Simpsonville. Tyler grew up attending First Baptist Church and attended Southside and Northside elementary schools. As a child, Tyler was involved in the local 4H chapter and showed cattle at the Shelby County Fair. Tyler returns to Shelbyville frequently for court appearances and to visit his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends (and of course, Marimbas).

Shelbyville Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

Shelbyville is a great town full of great people. When accidents happen, it can be devastating to all parties involved, but especially to the injured person, their family, their friends, and their community. According to Kentucky Highway Safety Reports, there were over 1,200 car accidents in Shelby County in 2015, resulting in over 350 injuries and 8 deaths. Not all of those involved folks from Shelbyville, but Shelbyvillians were involved in accidents outside Shelby County as well. Numbers like that have a big impact on a community. The best solution is to prevent accidents with safety measures, but until all accidents can be prevented, victims of accidents, their families, their friends, and their communities, need a way to put the pieces back together.

One part of putting the pieces back together is making sure that an injured person can pay medical bills associated with the accident, recover wages lost due to the accident, and receive compensation for the pain and mental toll that one suffers following an accident. To do that, you need a Shelbyville KY Injury Lawyer.

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