Paris, Kentucky

Paris is a beautiful town and one of Attorney Tyler Roberts’ favorite towns to visit. Tyler and his wife visit Paris frequently to dine and walk down Main Street. The Bourbon County courthouse may be the most beautiful courthouse in the state. It was built in 1905 after the previous two courthouses were destroyed by fire. Many of the pictures used on this website and in marketing materials were taken at the Bourbon County courthouse. Paris was also the birthplace of Garrett Morgan, an African American inventor born in 1877. One of his inventions is the modern traffic signal.

Paris Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

According to Kentucky Highway Safety Reports, Bourbon County averages more than 500 car accidents per year resulting in over 100 persons injured per year. The good news is that is less than half the average number of accidents and injuries per Kentucky county. Keep driving safe!

Roberts Law Office recently represented a client in Bourbon County in a slip and fall premises liability case. The client had serious injuries after tripping and falling on a business premises. Roberts Law Office helped the client obtain a six-figure settlement and helped to keep Paris a beautiful and safe Kentucky community.

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Roberts Law Office represents clients from Paris and clients injured in Paris. If you have been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or some other accident in Paris, contact Roberts Law Office.