Food Safety

Food Safety Problems in Nursing Homes Constitute Neglect

You need to consider quite a few factors before placing a loved one in a nursing home facility. While your primary concern may be nursing home abuse or neglect, do not overlook the safety and quality of the food that residents are receiving in these facilities. Although foodborne illnesses are a threat to any person, people over 65 tend to be more susceptible due to weakened immune systems, medical conditions, chronic diseases, and age-related changes in the digestive system, according to [...]

Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Signs of Abuse and Negligence in Kentucky Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are put in a position of great trust. Families make tough choices of putting an elderly family member into a nursing home, because an elderly father, mother, brother or sister require more care than other family members can give. The trust placed in a nursing home is compounded by the high cost necessary to pay for nursing home care. Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Families who have an elderly family member in a nursing home in Kentucky need to be vigilant of the care [...]