Lexington, Kentucky

Attorney Tyler Roberts and his family are residents of Lexington. Tyler attended the University of Kentucky in the mid-2000s and has since considered Lexington to be home. The Roberts family is involved in the local social, legal and business communities and both Tyler and his wife work in the justice system, striving to make Lexington a safer city. One of the greatest things about Lexington is its history. From well-known history of basketball, bourbon, and horses, to the lesser known history of Smiley Pete (the town’s dog in the 1950s), Jif peanut butter, and wild women (Belle Brezing and Sweet Evening Breeze, to name a couple).

Lexington Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

Despite the many great things Lexington has to offer, the city has a high rate of car accidents and truck accidents. Compared to the state average of accidents per capita, Fayette County has nearly 150% the number of accidents. It may be caused by the fact that both I-64 and I-75 pass through Fayette County, or it may be due to the heavy traffic on Harrodsburg Road, Nicholasville Road, and New Circle Road, but whatever the reason, please drive carefully and attentively when in town.

Tyler founded Roberts Law Office in 2012. The first office was on High Street, at the historic Beck House. It has since moved to Main Street in the PNC Tower. Roberts Law office represents a large number of clients living in Eastern Kentucky and the bluegrass region.

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Roberts Law Office represents clients from Lexington and clients injured in Lexington. If you have been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or some other accident in Lexington, contact Roberts Law Office.