Back and Disc Injuries

There are several types of accidents that have the potential to result in damage to a person’s back or discs. There are many types of workers that are susceptible to these types of injuries including construction workers, general laborers, lumber yard workers, movers, retail stock associates, and warehouse workers. In addition to these professions, there are also several types of accidents that frequently result in back and disc injuries including defective equipment accidents, falling accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

Back Injuries Caused by Accidents

Back injuries have the potential to result in a variety of substantial injuries including disc related injuries as well as spine related impairments. While some of these injuries can be treated with medication or surgery that requires several weeks or months to heal, the most severe of these injuries have the potential to result in nerve impairment and other injuries.

The Various Forms of Disc Injuries

Discs refer to the cartilage pads located between the bones of a person’s vertebrae. Some of the most common ways in which a person’s disc can be injured include protrusions or hernias. It is important for individuals who believe that they might have injured in an accident to understand some of the basics about each of these types of injuries:

  • Disc Protrusions. These injuries are known to occur when the outer fibers of the vertebrae disc weaken which causes the disc’s center to protrude outward. Some of the most common side effects of disc protrusion include back pain, numbness, sharp pain, tingling, or even weakness in a person’s lower extremities. While protrusions are often treatable through medication or surgeries, there is a potential that these injuries can result in hernias, which are a much more serious type of injury.
  • Disc Hernias. Hernias occur when the outer layers of a disc weaken so much that the disc tears. In many cases, disc protrusions are known to result in herniated discs. Because hernias involve tears, herniated discs are much more serious than protrusions which simply result in a weakening of the disc between a person’s vertebrae. Some of the most common signs that a person has a herniated disc include back aches, deep muscle ache, arm or leg pain, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, and weakness. While less severe injuries can often be treated through the use of cortisone injections and prescription medications, more severe cases frequently require surgery to improve the strength and stability of the herniated discs.

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