Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Four Ways a Bicyclist can be Found at Fault for an Accident in Kentucky

Collisions involving a large passenger car or truck and a bicycle almost always result in severe injury, disability, or death of the cyclist. However, a significant injury does not necessarily equate to an absence of liability. If a bicyclist violated Kentucky’s traffic laws and caused a bicycle accident with another vehicle, he or she could be found at-fault for the collision. Speak with a Lexington bicycle accident lawyer to determine fault in your bicycle-versus-car accident. How is [...]

Lexington Cyclist Laws

Laws Every Lexington Cyclist Needs to Know

If you are riding a bicycle in Kentucky for the first time, you should know state cycling laws to ensure your safety and prevent collisions. Even those who have been riding a bike in the state their entire lives may want to brush up on their legal knowledge. Although car drivers are to blame for most vehicle-bicyclist accidents, there are collisions in which the cyclist is at fault. Those riding a bike in the state of Kentucky regularly should stay informed on what is legal and what is not. [...]

Single Bicycle Accidents

Yes, You can Recover Damages After a Single-Bicycle Accident

About 1,000 bicyclists are killed every year on the roads of Kentucky and all across the U.S., while nearly 470,000 sustain injuries, according to the CDC. Although most people think that bicycle accident deaths usually involve other cars, the opposite appears to be true. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a staggering 96% of the bicyclists killed in the U.S. are involved in single-bicycle accidents. While bicycles are responsible for only about 1% of [...]

Riding Bikes To School

How to Prepare Your Child to Ride a Bike to School Safely

As our kids head back to school after Summer break, many of them will want to ride their bikes as one of the first steps toward independence. Your child might be excited to ride alongside his or her friends and have fun before and after school, but as a parent, all you can imagine is the list of horrible things that could happen. Personal injury is something we all risk each day when we choose to do almost any activity. If your child is aware of the risks and how to help prevent accidents [...]

safe bicycle ride in Lexington

How to Enjoy a Safe Bicycle Ride Through Lexington

With the warmer weather finally moving into the Lexington area, more and more bicyclists are out and about enjoying Mother Nature and getting exercise. Whether you ride your bike to school, to work, to the store, or for fun; it is important for you to practice safe biking. There are ways in which you can avoid being involved in a bicycle accident, but of course, not all accidents can be prevented, especially when drivers sharing the road are not paying attention. Let us take a look at how [...]

Kentucky Pure Comparative Negligence

Pure Comparative Fault in Kentucky

Have you recently been in a car accident here in Kentucky? Are you afraid that you are not entitled to damages because you were partially at fault? This would be true in some states, namely: North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. In these states, even if the injured party (“Plaintiff”) was one percent at fault, he will most likely not be entitled to any damages! Nevertheless, and thankfully, this is not the law in Kentucky. Here in Kentucky, your degree of [...]

Kentucky Biking Laws

Laws, Ordinances Regarding Biking in Kentucky

People biking in Kentucky are governed by laws on the state and local levels. Kentucky’s state laws and administrative regulations cover the basics regarding requirements a bicycle must have to be on Kentucky streets as well as regulations governing safe biking. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Rules of the Road covers state statutes and administrative regulations. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website promoting safety also provides extensive information on safety tips, good biking [...]

Scene of Auto Accident

What You Should Do If You Are In An Automobile Accident

What Should I Do At The Scene Of An Automobile Accident? At the scene of an automobile accident, if able, you should do the following things: Check the Health and Safety of Everyone Involved: The most important and urgent task after an accident is to check on those people involved in the accident. Call 911: Even if the wreck is insignificant, you should call the authorities so that they, and you, have a record of the accident. Get Information: Get the names and contact numbers of those at [...]