Winchester, Kentucky

Attorney Tyler Roberts’ great-great-grandfather, Samuel Rutledge, resided in Winchester and was an engineer who, among other things, engineered the streets in downtown Winchester. The town boasts a beautiful, historic courthouse where court proceedings are still held, the historic Winchester Opera House, and the Bluegrass Heritage Museum. There are also many unique shops and restaurants downtown which make Winchester a great town in which to live and to visit on weekends.

One of the most interesting hiking trials in Central Kentucky is located in Clark County near the Kentucky River. Lower Howard’s Creek Nature and Heritage Preserve is over 300 acres and runs along both sides of Lower Howard Creek. The John Holder Trail is accessed near Hall’s on the River. According to a Lexington Herald-Leader article, around two dozen businesses existed along the trail during the 1770s through the Civil War, including sawmills, distilleries, tanneries, blacksmith shops, and more. As you walk along the trail, you will pass the ruins of stone buildings, stone fences, grave sites, and remnants of the Salt Springs Trace. If you haven’t done so already, the trail is definitely worth a visit.

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The Kentucky Highway Safety Reports claim that there are more than 1,000 car accidents and truck accidents in Winchester and Clark County each year. Many of these accidents can be attributed to the windy roads near the Kentucky River, including the Athens Boonesboro Road, and Interstate 64. There are more accidents in Clark County per capita than the per capita state average. Please drive safely and attentively when traveling through Clark County.

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