Nicholasville, Kentucky

Nicholasville is the county seat of Jessamine County, Kentucky. Founded by Reverend John Metcalf in 1798, it was named in honor of Colonel George Nicholas, a framer of the Kentucky constitution. In the last few decades, the population has grown at a tremendous rate, thanks in part to its proximity to Lexington.

Located in the Jessamine County town of Wilmore is Asbury University, founded in 1890 by Reverend John Wesley Hughes and named after Bishop Francis Asbury. Just outside Wilmore is High Bridge. When it was built in 1877, it was the tallest railroad bridge in the world and the first cantilever bridge in the United States.

Nicholasville Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

There are over 1,400 car accidents and truck accidents in Jessamine County each year, according to Kentucky Highway Safety Reports. In those accidents, over 350 people are injured. Car accidents often cause neck injuries and back injuries. In more severe accidents, broken bones and injuries to the brain can occur. The worst case scenario, of course, is death. There were 8 deaths in 2014 and 11 in 2015 in Jessamine County. Whether injuries are minor or severe, an injury lawyer will make sure that you are able to pay medical bills, recover for time off of work, and recover for pain and suffering, among other things.

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