You can be bitten by a dog anywhere at any time — while jogging in the morning, returning home from work, or even going for a walk in the park. Regardless of whether you know the owner or not, you should not be the one who pays for your medical bills associated with the dog bite. A Lexington dog bite attorney can guide you through the legal process after a dog attack in Lexington or other parts of Kentucky. Below we will review the options that you may have to cover your medical expenses and other damages resulting from the dog bite.

Homeowner Insurance Policy

If the dog attack occurred on the dog owner’s property, and you were lawfully on that property, the homeowner’s insurance policy may cover your medical expenses after the bite. Typically, insurance agents in Kentucky ask homeowners if they have a dog to be prepared for potential dog bite claims after dog attacks on the homeowner’s property. The homeowner’s insurance policy is typically not available when dogs are repeat offenders (they have bitten people in the past).

Animal Insurance Policy

You may not know this, but an animal insurance policy is actually a real thing in Kentucky. Many dog owners purchase this type of coverage for their pets. If this option is available, you could file a claim against the animal insurance policy to recover damages. Many dog owners purchase this insurance policy when their pet has a history of dog attacks.

Your Own Health Insurance Policy

Since injuries caused by a dog attack can be rather severe and catastrophic, it might make sense to file a claim against your own health insurer because this option is usually the fastest way to get financial coverage after a dog attack in Kentucky. You will be able to reimburse your insurance company after a personal injury is filed against the dog owner at a later date.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Yes, auto insurance might be available not only after car accidents. If the dog bite occurred in the owner’s motor vehicle, the dog owner’s auto insurance coverage might apply to pay for your medical bills. Auto insurance policy would also pay for your damages if you were bitten by a dog whose head was sticking out of the car window.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If your insurance company in Kentucky denied your claim after a dog bite, your next option is to file an injury claim against the dog owner. However, talk to a Lexington dog bite attorney prior to pursuing the claim in order to explore your options and seek maximum financial compensation. Kentucky is a strict liability state when it comes to dog attacks. In other words, the dog’s owner cannot escape liability even if his or her pet has never shown aggressive tendencies in the past. In fact, the owner is liable for the injury if he or she exercised reasonable care to prevent the bite from occurring.

Dog bites can lead to costly medical bills. You do not necessarily have to pay for them out of pocket. A lawyer can help identify all available sources of recovery. Contact Roberts Law Office to receive a consultation. Call at (859) 231-0202 right now.