A multiple-vehicle crash, or pile-up, is one of the most destructive and terrifying events that can occur on the road. Unfortunately, Lexington residents are no strangers to seeing this type of crash. No matter what you call them – multiple-vehicle car accidents, chain-reaction collisions, or pile-ups – they can lead to catastrophic injuries and death. Since victims of multi-vehicle crashes can be hit multiple times from different sides and angles, pile-ups can result in brain injuries, broken bones, back injuries, and other life-threatening and permanent trauma. These crashes also result in complex legal cases that involve multiple lawyers, teams of accident reconstruction experts, and insurance companies. Each of the parties has their own motivation and is pursuing their own financial needs, which is why the risk of getting your personal injury claim settled for less than you deserve is exceptionally high. To prevent this from happening, consult a Lexington car accident attorney from Roberts Law Office to evaluate your case and pursue the settlement you deserve.

Determining Fault in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

With so many parties involved in a typical multi-vehicle collision, determining fault can be a challenging process. More often than not, the motorist who initiated the chain-reaction crash will bear the responsibility for the accident. However, it is not uncommon for other drivers’ negligence and carelessness to make pile-up accidents worse. For example, if a motorist was caught up in a multiple-vehicle crash because he was driving too fast for weather or road conditions, that driver will most likely be held liable for aggravating the severity of the pile-up. In some cases, only one driver is held responsible for causing the multiple-vehicle crash. In other cases, meanwhile, all of the drivers involved can bear the responsibility for the collision because Kentucky follows a pure comparative negligence law system.

Get The Help Of An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Because many vehicles are involved, it is not uncommon for drivers to be blamed for causing or contributing to a chain-reaction crash even when they did not violate any traffic laws. In that case, it is essential to speak with a Lexington car accident attorney. Here at Roberts Law Office, our lawyer will launch an independent investigation and hire a team of accident reconstruction specialists to determine who was at fault for your multi-vehicle accident. Call at (859) 231-0202 to schedule a free consultation today.