Slip and fall accidents account for almost 8 million emergency room visits per year. This already seems like a staggering number, but it only represents the incidents that are reported. Considering how many slip and fall accidents go without treatment, the actual number is much higher.

Serious injuries from slip and fall accidents can range from minor physical injuries to more permanent damage that could keep a person from participating in basic everyday activities that most of us take for granted. While these types of accidents can happen just about anywhere, there are quite a few places in which they are more likely to occur.

Common Areas for Slip and Fall Accidents

Many factors can be the root cause of a slip and fall accident, but there are a few that fall into the “most common” category.

  • Uneven surfaces. A floor that has cracks or breaks in it is more likely to cause an accident. Inspecting and fixing these issues regularly can help decrease the odds of this happening by quite a bit.
  • Ladders. Improper use of a ladder can result in a slip and fall accident.
  • Stairwells. Uneven or missing steps, weak spots, or other issues can cause injury to someone walking up or down a stairwell who is unaware of them.
  • Wet or slippery areas. Cleaning spills in a timely manner and placing signs in front of freshly mopped areas can decrease the risk of a slip and fall injury.

Where do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Kentucky?

While there are risky areas all over the place, there are some locations where slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur. These include:

  • Public places. A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere. Many public places can have uneven surfaces or weak spots that go unnoticed for a long time. The risk is even higher in public places that are exposed to outside elements like parks or sports complexes.
  • Rental properties. A rental property owner may be liable for your slip and fall injury sustained in a rental housing unit.
  • Retail stores. A slip and fall in a retail store can lead to some legal challenges on both ends. If this has happened to you, reaching out to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is advised.
  • Private homes. A homeowner can face legal liability if a person is injured on his or her property.
  • Workplaces. If you are injured while working in Kentucky, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation or disability. Consult with an experienced attorney to see what your options are.

Steering clear of these areas and locations can seem like a pretty hard task to achieve. In fact, it is nearly impossible to avoid them altogether. Knowing your risks and what to look for, though, can greatly decrease your odds of being injured in a slip and fall accident.

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