Millions of workers are injured while on the job each year. With that in mind, these workers often suffer from painful pelvis and hip injuries that are caused by different hazards that exist in the workplace. Different types of accidents can lead to these serious and painful injuries that can take months or even years to heal. Some people never fully recover from such extensive injuries and their way of life drastically changes because of what happened to them while they were working.

Crushed by Heavy-Duty Equipment in the Workplace

One of the most common work-related accidents that can lead to serious pelvis and hip injuries involves employees getting crushed by heavy-duty equipment in the workplace. Those who work in factory environments are often surrounded by large equipment that they would need to use to complete the various tasks that are on their to-do lists each day. If the equipment malfunctions at any point, it could potentially fall over on a worker when he or she least expects it to happen, causing excruciating pain and severe injuries that would require hospitalization. Although employees often learn how to avoid dangerous situations involving the heavy machinery they are using in the workplace, there are times when accidents can and will happen.

Fall From a High-Rise Building

Some workers will fall from high buildings when they are trying to get their jobs done, whether they are doing construction, washing windows, or handling other projects that would require them to deal with heights. While safety gear is often worn by professionals when they are working at great heights, the safety gear can malfunction unexpectedly. If a safety line is broken or if the swing stage scaffolding breaks while a worker is using it, he or she could fall and end up with serious hip and pelvis injuries that would require a series of surgeries.

Slip and Fall on a Wet Floor

It is possible for employees to suffer from hip and pelvis injuries simply from slipping on a wet floor and falling to the ground. It all depends on how hard the worker hits the ground and how he or she lands when falling. Although caution signs should be placed around any floors that are wet, there are times when these signs are not posted, and an employee can unknowingly walk into a dangerous situation in which he or she slips and gets hurt.

Work-related injuries are currently on the rise. While it is important for employers to create safer workplaces for their employees to avoid injuries, accidents can still happen when different types of equipment and safety gear start to malfunction. If these situations occur, it is possible for employees to suffer from serious injuries to the pelvis and hips. Not only are these injuries incredibly painful to deal with, but they also require hospitalization and surgeries.

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