In Kentucky, an injured plaintiff may recover the following in damages: (I) Past Medical Expenses – “The general rule of damages is that necessary and reasonable expenses for medical services may be recovered in a suit for personal injuries.” Paducah Area Public Library v. Terry, 655 S.W.2d 19, 23 (Ky. App. 1983); (II) Future Medical Expenses – “A plaintiff is entitled to recover the cost of future medical care where such damages are ‘determinable’ from the evidence.” Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad v. Mann, 312 S.W.2d 451 (Ky. 1958); (III) Wage Loss – “Loss of time, with reference to the injured party’s condition and ability to earn money in his business or calling, is universally regarded as a proper element of compensation.” Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co. v. Shanks, 260 Ky. 416, 86 S.W.2d 128, 130 (Ky. 1935); (IV) Impairment of Power to Earn Money – “the jury can through their common knowledge and experience make the determination if there has been a permanent impairment of earning power, the extent of such impairment, and the amount of damages for such impairment.” Reece v. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co., 217 S.W.3d 226, 229 (Ky. 2007); and (V) Past and Future Pain and Suffering – “A person who suffers physical injury is entitled to recover for conscious pain and suffering.” Vitale v. Henchey, 24 S.W.3d 651, 659 (Ky. 2000).