Each time you visit the dentist you expect that he or she will provide you with exceptional care. Whether you are visiting for a routine cleaning or to have work done; your dentist has to exhibit a duty of care the entire time you are in his or her care. This means that the dentist must provide you with care that another dentist, under reasonably similar circumstances, would provide. Let us take a look at the common signs of dental malpractice so you know what to look for the next time you visit the office for an appointment.

Treatment Errors

One of the most common signs that you have been the victim of dental malpractice is that the dentist committed an error in treating you. A common treatment error is installing dental implants into a patient who is not healthy enough to receive them. Another treatment error could be conducting the wrong procedure on you instead of another patient or performing a procedure on the wrong tooth.

The Exam is Rushed

A dentist who rushes through an examination could be committing dental malpractice. How? Even though you likely want to be in and out of the office as quickly as possible, it should not be because of your dentist. If your dentist fails to conduct the proper tests required to find decaying teeth and other issues, you could suffer an injury as a result.

Lack of an Assistant

All dentists should work with assistants near them at all times. The assistant does not have to be in the room with you, but should be within earshot and able to enter at anytime. An assistant will help ensure that the dentist does not make any mistakes like using the wrong tool or operating on the wrong tooth. An assistant can also help prevent you from suffering any abuse at the hands of the dentist.

Failure to Refer a Patient

There might come a time when your dentist is unable to continue treating you for one reason or another. If the dentist fails to refer you to an oral surgeon or other dentist to handle your care, he or she could be committing dental malpractice. Malpractice typically occurs in this scenario when the patient winds up suffering losses or other damages due to the doctor’s negligence, such as developing health issues due to a lack of proper treatment.

Failing to Use Proper Techniques

Malpractice lawsuits can arise when a dentist fails to use the proper techniques when treating patients. This most often occurs when the dentist has not been properly trained to do the job. The patient could suffer a serious dental injury that could cost him or her thousands of dollars to treat and have repaired.

Victim of Dental Malpractice? Call an Attorney Today

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