Kentucky Pure Comparative Negligence

Pure Comparative Fault in Kentucky

Have you recently been in a car accident here in Kentucky? Are you afraid that you are not entitled to damages because you were partially at fault? This would be true in some states, namely: North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. In these states, even if the injured party (“Plaintiff”) was one percent at fault, he will most likely not be entitled to any damages! Nevertheless, and thankfully, this is not the law in Kentucky. Here in Kentucky, your degree of [...]

Kentucky Periodental Disease Lawyer

Periodontal & Gum Disease

Kentucky Periodontal & Gum Disease Lawyer What Is Periodontal Disease? Periodontal Disease, also known as Gum Disease, is generally caused by plaque and tartar that is not removed for a prolonged period of time. The first stage of the disease is Gingivitis, which causes inflammation of the gums and may cause bleeding of the gums. Gingivitis can generally be reversed by daily brushing and flossing and regular cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist. However, if Gingivitis goes [...]