When you suffer an injury in any type of accident, you are entitled to compensation if the accident was not your fault. The other person or entity responsible for the accident that left you injured should be held accountable for their actions. This means that you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for compensation that can cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. The timeline for a personal injury case in Kentucky will look like the following in the majority of cases.

Medical Care

The most important thing you can do after suffering an injury, if you want to file a lawsuit, is to seek medical care. If you do not seek medical care, you will have a lot of trouble filing a lawsuit for damages against the responsible party. This includes calling 911 after the accident, being transported to the hospital, and following doctor’s orders during your recovery period.

Provide Lawyer with Medical Records

The next step in the timeline is to provide your lawyer with medical records pertaining to the accident. These should be sent directly by your doctor to your lawyer. You also want to provide the doctor with as much evidence as possible from the accident, including photos and videos of the incident or accident scene. Collect all of your medical bills from the accident and send them to your lawyer so he or she knows the amount of money you need to ask for in the lawsuit.

Negotiate a Settlement

If your lawyer feels that a settlement can be reached outside of court, he or she will write a demand letter to the responsible party with the amount of compensation being requested. Discussions could wind up ensuing between your lawyer and the other lawyer or the other party’s insurance company. If nothing goes anywhere, your lawyer will move toward filing a lawsuit.

Lawsuit and Discovery

Now is the time for the lawyer you hired to file the lawsuit and begin the discovery process in the timeline of the personal injury case. Discovery happens when the lawyer begins deposing witnesses, collecting evidence, and speaking to experts about the case. This part of the timeline could very well last anywhere from six months to years.


If your lawyer does not like the solution offered in mediation or negotiation, the next step in the timeline is to go to trial. You might have to wait for a year before your case hits the courtroom, or it could be heard rather quickly. Depending on the compelling nature of your side of the case, the trial could be fairly quick.

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