A personal injury case can involve various injuries and be caused by different accidents, including construction, truck, car, slip and fall, and many others. When you are injured in such an accident and need to acquire compensation for your injuries, you need to know exactly what you can recover in Kentucky. Recoverable damages per Kentucky law can help you pay for medical expenses, recover lost wages, and help you stay out of debt as you try to recover from your injuries or endure multiple surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation and therapy.

Loss of Wages

One of the first damages you are allowed to collect in a personal injury case in Kentucky is for lost wages. Lost wages include any monies you would have earned if you were able to attend work had you not been injured. You will undoubtedly miss time at work while you recover from an injury you incurred in any type of accident. You should not have to watch the bills pile up unpaid because you cannot work due to someone else’s negligent actions.

Future and Past Pain and Suffering

Accidents do not just cause physical pain and injuries. They also cause emotional pain, including depression, anxiety, fear, and other issues. You might not be able to return to work because of your anxiety. You also might have trouble getting back behind the wheel after a crash because of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In Kentucky, you are legally permitted to claim damages for future and past pain and suffering.

Past Medical Expenses

When injured in an accident, victims are able to recover damages for past medical expenses. These are the expenses incurred from the date you suffered the injury up until the lawsuit is filed. That is why it is important to track all of your medical expenses after suffering an injury. Make copies of all your bills, invoices, receipts, and other proof of medical expenditures from the date of the accident that left you injured.

Future Medical Expenses

What if you suffered an injury that has left you paralyzed or requires constant medical care for the rest of your life? This can be taken into account in a Kentucky personal injury lawsuit. A doctor will need to provide your medical records and notes that show you will require extensive and lengthy medical care, such as therapy, future surgeries, the need to renovate the home for increased accessibility, and many other expenses. Future medical expenses can also include money for prescriptions, medical equipment, and other items.

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