Lexington has seen its first e-scooter-related death since electric scooters were introduced to the city late last month. A 35-year-old man died while riding a new Lime e-scooter. Liability for the accident is yet to be determined.

E-scooters are a thrilling way to get around the city, but there are many unanswered questions regarding the liability of Lime and other companies renting electric scooters to Lexington residents when riders are involved in accidents. Can Lime or another e-scooter rental company be held accountable for your injury or the death of your family member that occurred while riding the two-wheeled, battery-powered electric vehicles? Talk to a Lexington personal injury lawyer at Roberts Law Office to discuss liability in your case.

First Fatal E-Scooter Accident in Lexington

According to reports, the 35-year-old man was riding a new Lime e-scooter within the bike lane, when he lost control of the vehicle and fell into oncoming traffic. As a result, the man was run over by multiple vehicles and sustained fatal injuries. He was taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, where he died later that day. The fatal e-scooter crash was ruled an accident, according to the coroner. This is not the first time an e-scooter rider has been involved in a car accident in Lexington since electric scooters were launched in the city in October. A few days after the scooters were made available to Lexington residents, a driver was charged with DUI after colliding with an e-scooter rider near the University of Kentucky campus. Studies indicate that about a third of all e-scooter accidents happen on the first ride. It is not clear whether the victim in the fatal Lexington collision was riding for the first time.

Can the Electric Scooter Rental Company be Held Liable?

Can Lime or another e-scooter rental company be held responsible for the death of your loved one in a wrongful death suit? Can you sue a Lexington scooter rental company if you suffered a back injury or head injury while riding an electric scooter? That depends on the circumstances of your e-scooter accident. Whether or not a company renting e-scooters can be held liable depends on various factors:

  • Did you sign a waiver of liability? If you did, what does it say about this type of accident?
  • Were other vehicles involved in the collision?
  • Was there something wrong with the e-scooter (e.g., a manufacturing or design defect such as tire issues, locked brakes, collapsed handlebar, or others)?
  • Did the company warn you of the risks or provide a safety tutorial?

Just because the e-scooter rental company made you sign a waiver of liability does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to recover damages from the company in a personal injury claim or sue it for additional damages. The question of liability in e-scooter accidents should be handled by a Lexington personal injury lawyer since electric scooters are a relatively new phenomenon in our city. Also, do keep in mind that your auto insurance will not cover your e-scooter crash injury, which is why suing the rental company may be your only source of financial recovery.

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