The amount of destruction caused by flooding can change your life. When a flood arrives, your only priority is to help yourself, your family, pets, and friends to get somewhere safe. When the flooding ends, and you begin to assess damages to your property, including your automobile, things can get very frustrating and confusing. This is the moment when people wonder, “Does my auto insurance cover flood damage to my car?” That depends on the policy that you purchased. Before submitting insurance claims, it is advised to consult a Lexington car accident lawyer to assess damages and determine your potential sources of recovery.

Flooding in Lexington and Central Kentucky

Lexington and other parts of Central Kentucky has been no stranger to flooding of late. As reported by WKYT recently, Central Kentucky had three to four inches of rain, causing several roads to disappear underwater. In one day, Lexington police responded to nearly 100 non-injury car accidents, 12 injury crashes, and almost two dozen high-water complaints. Although the rain is slowly moving out of Central Kentucky, some areas of Lexington are still dealing with the aftermath of flooding.

Will Your Auto Insurance Company Cover Your Flooded Vehicle?

The frequency of car crashes during a flash flood also increases, though it can be difficult to determine liability because drivers rarely stop to exchange contact and insurance info. Instead, everyone is trying to get as far from the flood as possible to ensure their safety. What happens if your vehicle has been flooded or totaled as a result of flooding in Lexington or elsewhere in Kentucky? Regardless of whether your automobile has been caught in a flash flood or submerged during a storm surge, it is best to salvage whatever is left from your car as long as it is safe to do so. When it comes to handling a flooded vehicle, what you should NOT do under any circumstances is to check if your car still runs. Yes, your first instinct may be to start your vehicle, but doing so can only aggravate the damage to the car. When assessing post-flooding damage done to your automobile, make sure that you take photographs and record videos so that you can back up your claim during the insurance claims process. Then, contact your insurance carrier and request their response team to arrive for an inspection. Read more about liability in vehicle crashes caused by rain and bad weather.

How an Attorney Can Help

Before making your claim, consult with a attorney to estimate your damages and losses and ensure that you negotiate the most favorable settlement amount. When making a claim, do not forget to ask for an estimate on the settlement and the timeline. If there have been massive floods in the area, do not be surprised if you face unreasonably long delays. After all, hundreds or even thousands of car owners are filing claims just like you do, while your insurance company can process only a limited number of requests per day. Generally, auto insurance policies in Kentucky cover flooded vehicles as long as your policy includes comprehensive coverage. You will most likely not get compensated for damage done to your vehicle as a result of flooding if your policy includes only liability or collision coverage.