Car accidents can be tragic, leading to serious injuries and even death. After being involved in a car accident, you need to do everything possible to protect yourself and your rights. This includes seeking medical care immediately after the crash. Let the emergency responders on the scene evaluate you and then transport you to the hospital. One of the most common areas that are injured in car accidents in Lexington, Kentucky is the back. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, consider the following tips for caring for back injuries after a car accident.

Ice and Heat

Most back injuries caused by car accidents can be treated using ice and heat along with a mixture of other treatments. Place ice on your back and alternate it with a heating pad. The ice will help reduce the swelling where the injury is located in your back and the heating pad will help get rid of the pain.

Refrain From Sitting for Long Periods

Try not to sit for long periods of time after suffering a back injury in a Kentucky car accident. You will need to avoid going on long car rides, train rides, and plane rides after suffering a back injury. Sitting for too long will only aggravate the injury and make the pain worse. Only sit for a period of 20 minutes before getting out of your chair to walk around a bit. The more you walk around, the less pain you will feel in your back.

Attempt to Get a Massage

Try to get a massage after suffering a back injury, but only if your doctor approves. A deep tissue massage can help relieve a lot of pain in your back after a car accident. A massage will also help you get rid of stress and relax your body during what for many is a highly tense time. If the doctor says a massage will help, make sure you find a trusted practitioner who has experience with clients injured in car accidents.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Do not divert from your doctor’s orders after the accident. Doing so can lead to increased pain, mobility issues, and further injury to the back. Following the orders of the doctor also includes taking the medication that has been prescribed, but not taking too much of it. Make sure you should take over-the-counter medication to help with the pain before doing so. If the doctor wants you to go to rehabilitation, be sure to follow the instructions given so you can make sure your back injury heals properly and quickly. Read all warning labels on medication to ensure that you use them properly.

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