Car accidents caused by oil spills can be unpredictable in their nature and lead to disastrous consequences. Typically, oil spills occur on the roads of Lexington and Kentucky when tankers, oil trucks, and oil rigs release “liquid petroleum hydrocarbon” into the environment. When spilled over a large area, an oil spill can cause motorists to lose control of their vehicles due to the slippery road, resulting in horrifying multi-vehicle collisions.

Dangers of Oil Spills on the Road

Oil is a highly flammable substance, which increases the risk of explosions and burns when it spills out, especially when motor vehicles are involved. In addition to sustaining burns in car crashes caused by oil spills, victims may be exposed to toxic substances that the oil contains. When oil spills out on the road, it can lead to:

  • Slippery surfaces that cause motor vehicles to hydroplane and become uncontrollable
  • Fires and explosions caused by trucks carrying oil or gasoline
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals, which can result in chemical burns and health complications

If your car crash occurred after an oil spill, it might be difficult to establish fault because drivers can lose control of their vehicles when driving on slippery roads and highways. That is why you should speak with our Lexington car accident lawyer at Roberts Law Office to determine liability and get compensated fairly and promptly.

Car Crash Causes Oil Spill in Lexington

A car accident on New Circle Road in Lexington caused an oil spill and massive traffic jams on September 25th, as reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader. Authorities shut down the outer loop of New Circle Road, encouraging drivers to avoid the loop between Richmond Road and Tates Creek Road. First responders arrived at the scene to clean up large amounts of oil left on the road.

This past summer, a similar accident occurred in a different part of Kentucky. According to WKYT, a tanker truck carrying about 8,000 gallons of fuel overturned on Kentucky 15 south of Jackson, spilling a significant amount of fuel.
After the truck accident in Breathitt County, the trucker was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Car Accident Injuries After Oil Spills

Oil spills on the road can cause serious and permanent injuries, especially when a car accident involves burns or explosions. In addition to head and brain injuries, broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries, and other injuries sustained because of the collision with other vehicles whose drivers lost control on slippery roads, spilled oil can lead to disfigurement and severe burns.

Why You Need a Lexington Car Accident Lawyer

Regardless of how your injury occurred in an oil spill car crash, talk to our personal injury lawyers in Lexington or elsewhere in Kentucky to explore your options to get compensated for the medical bills, loss of income, diminished earning capabilities, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other damages. One of the biggest legal challenges involved in car accidents caused by oil spills is the fact that it can be tough to prove that the slippery road from excess oil caused you to lose control of your vehicle. Another challenge is to find evidence that the operator of the vehicle that spilled the oil was negligent.

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