With the warmer weather finally moving into the Lexington area, more and more bicyclists are out and about enjoying Mother Nature and getting exercise. Whether you ride your bike to school, to work, to the store, or for fun; it is important for you to practice safe biking. There are ways in which you can avoid being involved in a bicycle accident, but of course, not all accidents can be prevented, especially when drivers sharing the road are not paying attention. Let us take a look at how you can enjoy a safe bicycle ride through Lexington, Kentucky.

Always Follow the Rules of the Road

One of the most important safety tips to remember when riding your bicycle is to always follow the rules of the road. Bicycles must follow the same rules that motor vehicles follow, not the rules that pedestrians follow. This means that you must ride in the same direction as traffic and not against it. It also means you must yield to pedestrians, stop at stop signs, yield at yield signs, and stop at red lights. Cyclists are required to use hand signals when making turns so that drivers know where they are headed.

Wear Protective Gear

Be sure to wear protective gear every time you get on your bike, regardless of the distance you will travel. This includes a helmet, closed-to shoes, gloves, and even knee pads for bikers of certain ages. The more often you wear protective gear, the less likely it will be that you suffer a serious injury if you fall from your bicycle or are involved in an accident. Also consider wearing goggles when riding your bike to keep your eyes safe from debris that could kick up and hit you, causing severe eye damage.

Know Your Route

Make sure you know the route you are going to take when riding your bicycle. If you have decided to take a new route, be sure you plan it ahead of time. This is best done using an updated map of the area. Know where there might be high areas of traffic congestion, construction zones, or other hazards that could put you in danger.

Ride with a Friend

Try not to ride your bike alone. This is easier said than done, especially if you are riding at awkward times of the day or night. When you have someone to ride with you, it makes handling an emergency or an accident easier because there will be someone with you who can call 911.

Make Yourself Visible

It can be easy for a bicyclist to get lost in the shuffle of a busy commute in Lexington. You need to make yourself visible when riding your bike. This can be done using reflective apparel, bright colored clothing, or installing lights on your bike.

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